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About Us

Our mission is simple;

Changing how we Live, Work & Play

Our Goal

We create spaces where people love to LIVE, places that foster collaborative WORK and environments which allow meaningful PLAY.


Parker White Properties is a family run business with over 30 years experience in the property sector. We invest in, develop and then manage high quality shared accommodation for professionals in and around thriving town centres. 

Let's be honest, traditional shared living has a bad wrap and in some cases rightly so. It is stuck in the dark ages of magnolia walls, uninspiring furniture and poorly designed spaces.


Not any more...

What we do

Creating Luxury Co-Living Spaces in regional towns and cities across the country


We believe in the potential of the smaller towns and cities in regions that are often overlooked. We believe these places have the perfect mix or growth potential and are perfectly positioned to benefit from the luxury Co-Living product we offer. Many similar concepts are only reserved for the "big" cities like London, Manchester and Birmingham but we believe that shouldn't be the case. 

So we are here to stay, to invest in the local economy, bring jobs to the people where we operate and provide high quality luxury accommodation to attract and retain young professionals helping to contribute to a thriving local community.

Parker White Properties is focused on doing something different, something Maverick.


Our Values

with others

We all strive for meaningful connections with others. It is in our DNA, create relationships that last and communities that foster collaboration.

Do Good

We believe good things happen to good people. There is always good in people, we always strive to bring the best out in all those we interact with.


We know change can be uncomfortable but it is a sign of progress. We strive to always move forward. We listen, understand and evolve.

Do Different

We are all different, no one person is the same. We respect and welcome different and in fact we pride ourselves it.

Meet The Team

BW Luca Portrait - 23_9_19.png

Luca Orefice


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With a background in Project Management working for a Blue Chip company and now a qualified financial planner, Luca has a unique skill set centred around detail and numbers. He will happily loose himself in a spreadsheet and has a keen interest in investing in small start ups in areas he is passionate about. 

Born out of his frustration with trying to find somewhere to live when he was a young professional, helped create what is now a successful business which aims to change the way people live, work and play forever. 

Parker White Properties. 

Live. Work. Play.

I know what it's like trying to find somewhere to live in a new town or city. Striking the balance of affordability, with independence whilst also wanting to meet new and likeminded people. It struck me that there had to be a better way. What was once an immense frustration when trying to find some where to live - has now turned into a passionate desire to help others live, work and play better."

"As a company we are determined to create better places for young professionals to live, work and play. All of our spaces are designed to inspire and bring people together, creating communities and places to call home. Anyone who stays with us as a housemate will live in beautifully designed private spaces, whilst sharing awesome amenities and being part of happy, likeminded communities who love challenge the status quo."

Our Other Services

What We Offer

Building Plans
Wooden Kitchen
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Investment Management

We can help and advise on any current investments you may have. Get in touch now for a free consultation.

Property Investment

Want to invest with us through our unique and disruptive investment model? Reach out to find out how we can help you.

Business Aquisiton

Looking to sell your business? It doesn't need to be related to property, let us know and we may be able to help.

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